Welcome to the Pixoods! 100% handmade Pixoods. Created by a two hands and love and can be found on Ethereum! Get to know them :) A series of erc721 tokens released in pixel art style. Each nft is unique. There are 10.000 unique Pixoods

Pixood 3
Pixood 8
Pixood 22
Pixood 23
Pixood 30
Pixood 37
Pixood 39
Pixood 59
Pixood 70


How to get a Pixoods?

GRAB IT FIRST! This is very difficult, because the Pixoods were airdropped to Doodles owners for free.

What can i do with a Pixoods?

Pixoods are primarily collectibles. All Pixoods were created by one person: an unknown artist who has love for doodles! Enjoy :).

How much does Pixoods cost?

Pixoods are airdropped for free for doodles owners!



Bulan the wizard

Bulan the wizard, loving the art.